Winner's Mindset

Do you want to be prepared for any kind of competition?

Do you want to feel like a winner?

Then this course is for you.

Professional Latin dancer Ashley Luna and Grace and Freedom Community “Danceros” present the course “Winners’ Mindset.

All of us are participating or planning to participate in any kind of competition. And it is crucial to check before going on the floor: Do I believe that I am the best version of myself on the competition day? Did I prepare enough for feeling and being the best? Do I feel like a winner?

In this course Ashley Luna guides the listener through the very specific details on how to prepare, what to check, what to do before the competition and on that day. This course specifically covers dancers’ needs for mental, physical and practical preparation. And it fits perfectly for different experience levels of pro am, solo and senior dancers.

We can just say: listen today, apply from now and feel confident in your every step.