Top 5 dance films

By Lina Svirnelienė

Once upon a time, I had the idea to compile a top five list of my favourite dance films. Although there are many and varied films about dancing, sometimes certain films leave a particularly strong impression, especially if their content has a personal impact. So, here are the top five dance films on the Dance Journeys blog:

No. 1: “Shall We Dance”

This film is definitely in the top five of the most liked films. Although Shall We Dance, like many other dance films, deals with love and couple relationships. What I like about Shall We Dance is that it talks about learning to dance with a certain amount of mockery, sometimes hyperbolization, and it also has some worthwhile thoughts about learning to dance. So here are some of the more interesting episodes that are not just about dance:

“It’s rumba. It’s the dance of love..”

This episode, no matter how many times I watch it, always puts a smile on my face, but nevertheless, it is a very apt description of the essence of rumba.

Tango scene “Be this alive”

inspires you to look at the process of learning to dance differently.

One of the most romantic moments of this film is “… the dance needs a partner and my partner is right here …”.

By the way, when I was looking for information about Shall We Dance?, I found a fact in one of the presentations that I did not know before: it turns out that this American film is actually a copy of a Japanese film made in 1997.

Nos 2 and 3:

Without a doubt, this top five list of films about dancing includes both ‘dirty dancing’ films – 1987’s Dirty Dancing 

and 2004’s Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

I’ve watched each of them more than once, but I’d be happy to watch them again if I had the chance. Although both films are similar in script, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights would still be the second most liked film in the top five, with Dirty Dancing coming in third. It is quite difficult to decide which scenes I would call the most memorable in these films. So a YouTube retrospective of scenes from Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, set to the song “Represent Cuba”, would be perfect to reflect the mood of the film

and the official trailer for Dirty Dancing:

No 4: Step Up Revolution 

(2012) was the one that most captivated me with its flashmobs, and it was this film that inspired me to contribute to a social project about 6 years ago by dancing en masse. So I would give this film 4th place. The scenes that left the biggest impression:

The dance in the art gallery:

The dance in the restaurant: 

Dance in a business centre:

No 5: Take the Lead (2006) 

This film is also worthy of a mention and a place in the top five.Although it also has a theme of relationships and love, it seems different, especially because of its attempt to show the benefits of dance in solving social problems. The tango dance episode proved to be the most captivating of its

And what dance films would be in your top five?